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Welcome to Octro Tambola Bingo Game
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Welcome to Octro Tambola Bingo Game

Octro Tambola Bingo is an online number calling app (also called Bingo 90 or Tombola) which you can play with your friends and millions of real players around the World for FREE.

Lets BINGO! Tambola is one of the most famous indoor games played all over India. Download Octro Tambola and lets BINGO

Tambola, Housie Game by Octro is the most-played Tambola Bingo Game and is inarguably the best Indian Tambola Number Calling App. It is known by different names such as ‘Housie’, ‘Tombola’, ‘Bingo’, ‘Bingo 90’, ‘Bingo Game’, ‘ Indian Housie Game’, ‘Tambura’, ‘ Tambola Number Calling App’. It is an amazing game ticket to have a wonderful memory with your friends and family. All you have to do is know the basic rules and you’re good to play Tambola Game Online.

Tambola number calling game (Indian Bingo game) where the random numbers from 1 to 90 are called by the in-app caller/dealer and the players need to strike the called numbers off their tickets.
Each Tambola ticket or Bingo Card has 3 horizontal rows/lines & 9 vertical columns, with a total of 27 boxes. Each line has 5 numbers and 4 blank boxes. Thus, each tambola ticket has 15 numbers. The first column has unique numbers from 1 to 9, the second column from 10 to 19, the third from 20 to 29, and so on, with the last column having numbers from 80 to 90.

Octro Tambola Bingo Game can be played with one, two, or three tambola tickets.

The Winning Combinations

Early five The ticket first to strike off any 5 called numbers.
Four corners The ticket first to strike off all the four corners is called numbers. The four corners are 1st and last numbers of the top and bottom rows.
Top line The ticket is first to strike off the 5 numbers of the top horizontal line as called numbers.
Middle line The ticket first strikes off the 5 numbers of the middle horizontal line called numbers.
Bottom line The ticket is first to strike off the 5 numbers of the bottom horizontal line as called numbers.
Full house The ticket is first to have all 15 numbers as called numbers.

The first person to claim the winning combination wins. The Tambola number calling app ends when all the small wins & Full House are successfully claimed.

Octro Tambola is played with virtual money. A new player is a Level 1 player & gets 10,000 chips and 5,000 gems. For a level 1 player, each ticket costs 100 chips. The winning amount for each winning combination is based on the number of tickets sold.

Claiming the Winning Combination

To claim the winning combination on the tambola ticket, the player has to press the Claim button before the next number is called. If the bingo winning combination claimed is correct, you will get the winning amount. If it’s incorrect, the tambola ticket will be declared Bogey.

Multiple Claims

here can be multiple claims made on a single Winning Combination in Tambola Game.

Types Of Tables

Octro Tambola number calling app has different types of tables that you can join depending upon your mood.

Public Table

A player here is matched with random in a Bingo game.

Tambola Party

Players can create their own tambola private party and invite friends to join. Create and Join a bingo game.

Special Voice Chat Feature

Now players on the bingo party table can enjoy the voice chat feature and talk to the other players.

Special Caller Voice

The caller calls some number. This feature is available in 3 Languages; Tambola Voice chat in English, Tambola voice chat in Hindi, Tambola voice chat in Turkish.

Take on a tambola bingo game alone or play with your friends or family to see who claims win. What are you waiting for? Download Octro Tambola, World’s most favorite bingo game, NOW!

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