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[Game Introduction]
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[Game Introduction]
Honkai Impact 3rd miHoYo’s flagship product and Genshin Impact’s companion action roleplay game!

Hyperion command system ready. Processing login request… Verified.
Attention, all units! Safety catches unlocked! Download engine transferring high concentrations of energy. Login countdown: 10, 9, 8…
“Captain on the bridge.”
Welcome to Hyperion, Captain! From today onwards, you are our Captain!
Come fight for all that is beautiful in the world with us!

HD cel-shaded graphics, infinite combo, ultra-tight controls… Experience next-gen real-time action!
Epic storyline spanning works, immersive stage dialogues, celebrated VA lineup… Become the center of the legend!
More elements including Valkyrie customization, open-world exploration, base building, racing, shooting, and co-op spice up the game like never before!

Get along with a diverse cast of Valkyries and their bonds will become your strength!
Join Valkyries in the war against Honkai to save the fantastic Honkai-verse!

[New Version Content]

[S-rank Battlesuit | Herrscher of Human: Ego]
“I’m Herrscher and human, but… I’m also a girl as gorgeous as dancing petals”
PSY-type Ice DMG dealer who uses magic arrows to charge up energy before shooting an arrow that penetrates enemies. She can unleash Ultimate to create an exclusive domain and attack with her scepter rather than her bow.

[Featured Event | Summer Survival Rhapsody Side 13]
The volcano, the cruise ship, the ruins and the “cuties” coming out of nowhere — The tenants of the Golden Courtyard are continuing their journey of survival, but as the mysterious person approaches, how will the story be wrapped up in an unexpected way? The second half of the midsummer adventure is about to begin!
New featured event released! Play to get Shadow Knight’s new outfit Seagull’s Soar, Energy Devices, Honkai Shards, Crystals and more!

[New Event | Feast Invitation]
The setting sun melts in the fantastic grand hall, and the flawless girl reaches out her hand inviting you to a dance with magnificent music.
Complete required missions on the Feast Invitation event page to get a certain number of Jingling Magic and you will receive new bridge theme Timeless Grand Hall!

[Featured Event | La-La Shop]
“This is a mysterious shop from La-La Land, and I’m the cute elf, owner of the shop~”
Captains can purchase relevant bundles or spend Crystals in Supply events to obtain Sparkling Magic and exchange them for Starry Impression’s outfit Summer as a Painting, Collector’s Card, Focused Supply Card and more!

[New Story Chapter | Project Stigma]
“Raven, why do you think birds can fly?”
New EX Chapter coming soon! Experience the new story in the open access event!

[Event Rerun | Estival Seaside Amusement Park]
When sea breezes blow through every street in summer, the whole city becomes a grand amusement park by the sea! The annual Beast Tamer Championship is drawing near!
Play the event to get Seaside Option, AE Imaginon, Crystals and more!

[Equipment Updates]
Unleash unprecedented power! Bow weapon Key of Ego and its PRI-ARM Domain of Ego: Flawless Return have joined the arsenal!
The moon and the stars sent the god’s daughter to the world. From now on, the stars will shine and the flowers will bloom. Flower of Origin set Elysia: Pristine has joined to the arsenal!

[More Outfits]
Helical Contraption’s outfit I’m the Storm, Starry Impression’s outfit Summer as a Painting and Shadow Knight’s outfit Seagull’s Soar debut!

So, let the very first Herrscher, Herrscher of Origin… become a perfect fairy tale.

[Account System Upgrade]

HoYoverse Accounts are now in service and old accounts will no longer be supported.
If you have a Honkai Impact 3rd account that is not linked to a HoYoverse Account, please link it on the login interface.
If you have any problems, please contact customer service at: honkai3rd_global@hoyoverse.com

What's new

[New Battlesuit] Herrscher of Human: Ego: New S-rank battlesuit who attacks with bow and scepter, and unleashes Ultimate to create exclusive domain.
[New Event] Summer Survival Rhapsody Side 13: A new event unveiling the 2nd half of summer adventure!
[New Event] Feast Invitation: Complete specific missions for new bridge theme Timeless Grand Hall!
[New Story] Project Stigma: EX Chapter coming!



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